Lauren Michael

Please remind us, what was your position when you worked with us at Phillips Wharf? *
What are you doing now? Please be specific, we want to brag about what you are up to these days.
Since working at PWEC in 2014, I’ve gone on to pursue a career in avian ecology. I graduated college in 2017 and have spent the last three years working on tons of different avian field projects all over North America (and most recently Costa Rica!). I plan to head back to grad school in another year or two to get my Masters.

Why do you think Phillips Wharf and its mission is important?

In my experience, people are most likely to protect something that they know, understand, and have experienced first hand. PWEC gives locals the opportunity to get up close and personal with all of the aspects of the Bay that make it so unique and special, and it’s that kind of experience that encourages people to work to protect the Bay and its wildlife.

How did working/volunteering with Phillips Wharf impact you?

My internship with Phillips Wharf helped me realize the importance of environmental education, and I hope to continue that legacy throughout my scientific career by continuing to prioritize community outreach.

Can you share a story about an event or a moment when you felt like Phillips Wharf made a difference for someone?

I always loved taking the bus to local events. It was so fun getting to talk with kids and families who wouldn’t normally stop by PWEC on their own. I also loved teaching kids about horseshoe crabs! At first they were always terrified but by the end, the horseshoe crab was always a crowd favorite

Since your time at Phillips Wharf, what have you done? Share with us some of the neat experiences you’ve had since you left.

Since leaving Phillips Wharf, I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over North America doing bird research. I’ve worked in 10 states, two Canadian provinces, and most recently Costa Rica! In that time, I’ve also done two long distance bike tours. The first was a 3 month tour from Virginia to Oregon and the second was a tour down the west coast.

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