Michel Morris

Please remind us, what was your position when you worked with us at Phillips Wharf? *
AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinator
What are you doing now? Please be specific, we want to brag about what you are up to these days.
Communications Specialist - Johns Hopkins Medicine


Why do you think Phillips Wharf and its mission is important?

Phillips Wharf creates life-long Chesapeake Bay stewards through excellent (and fun) education. Each trip through the Fishmobile or Center allows Marylanders to see and touch Bay creatures. It is such a memorable, tactile experience that it can often change the way they see their Bay and make them care more about the environment.

How did working/volunteering with Phillips Wharf impact you?

From Kelley, I learned how to build a base of dedicated volunteers and create an organizational infrastructure that encouraged growth. I was also able to stretch my creative muscles by developing a complete portfolio of communications materials and creating a volunteer training program. The things I learned at Phillips Wharf became the building blocks of my career (plus I can really clean a tank!).

Can you share a story about an event or a moment when you felt like Phillips Wharf made a difference for someone?

When students see the difference between a tank cleaned by oysters and regular Bay water, something really clicks for them. They see the importance of our oyster population and immediately want to learn more.

Since your time at Phillips Wharf, what have you done? Share with us some of the neat experiences you’ve had since you left.

I wrote a book inspired by my time on the Fishmobile. "There's No One Like You" is about tenacious young terrapin named Madelyn who lives in the Chesapeake Bay. She can't seem to find any other turtles who look like her so she decides to go traveling. On her adventures, she meets other Bay creatures and comes to realize that it's okay to be different.

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