T.J. Rayhill

What was your position when you worked with us at Phillips Wharf? 
Summer Intern
What are you doing now? Please be specific, we want to brag about what you are up to these days.
I am the owner and environmental educator of Kentucky’s first edible insect farm, Plentiful Protein Products

Why do you think Phillips Wharf and its mission is important?

I love the tiered effect of the mission. You have to first encourage, and then educate and then engage. Chesapeake Bay is an important area economically and environmentally we (the people that live on the bay, as well as the general people) have to work together to reach manageable goals for all!

How did working/volunteering with Phillips Wharf impact you?

I loved my time at PWEC and still talk about it all the time. It was a transformational time in my life. I loved the people I worked with and interactions I had.


Since your time at Phillips Wharf, what have you done? Share with us some of the neat experiences you’ve had since you left.

I graduated with my BS in education and Bs in biology I graduated with a MA in environmental education Taught one year in public schools, decided it wasn’t for me and then opened Plentiful Protein Products.

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