Oyster Cage Sponsorships

Making money has been difficult in the last few months. Many of our community members are aware of this and are also

struggling. Because of the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, donations to nonprofits such at Phillips Wharf are down. In fact, estimates suggest that 83% of all US charities have reported declines in revenue, both in terms of individual donations and event fundraising. With our outreach programs cancelled and our events postponed or turned virtual, Phillips Wharf Environmental Center is seeing the same decline in revenue. As a way of dealing with this, we have worked to cut costs, including closing our campus to the public. However, we also want to build up some capital to support reopening our campus and our outreach programs when the time is right.


Oyster Jam

While the future of education, and subsequently education programs, remains uncertain, it is our intention to begin our education program season in April, which is when we normally begin running Fishmobile programs. However, in order to run these programs, it costs money, even before we show up an event. We need to hire and train our staff, feed our animals, develop programs and curriculum, and coordinate the events we are attending. Basically, in order to make money, we need money.


Enter our new oyster sponsorship program. Designed by our board president, Matt Albers, this program provides supporters with delicious oysters each month and supports the Phillips Wharf program of your choice.


Through this program, we are offering annual oyster cage sponsorships for $350. This sponsorship gets you 10 oysters a month for the year (which you can also choose to pick up less frequently and receive several month’s worth of oysters at a time), approximately $300 worth of tax-deductible donation, and the choice of where the profits on the remaining oysters in the cage will go; Education, Outreach (including the Fishmobile), Oyster restoration, or to the area of greatest need.


We believe this program is an excellent way to support a small, community based nonprofit, while also reaping the benefit of delicious oysters. 


If you are interested in learning more about this program or sponsoring an oyster cage, please click here.