What is Aquaculture?

  • Defined as the cultivation of an aquatic organism under controlled conditions.
  • Popular worldwide industries are:
    • Fish
    • Algae
    • Crustaceans
    • Shellfish
    • Plant crops (i.e. aqua/hydroponics)
  • Maryland currently utilizes aquaculture for fish, oysters, some crustacean, and algaculture for feed.

Phillips Wharf Environmental Center provides hands-on aquaculture training and education for oyster enthusiasts and entrepreneurs interested in starting their own oyster farm. During the training program, students learn all aspects of aquaculture and oyster farming from oyster larvae to sales and distribution.

In addition to aquaculture training, Phillips Wharf provides a aquaculture tour and training experience for children and adults of all education. Come see our working oyster aquaculture operation with a guided tour of "The Oyster House" where locals have been shucking oysters for over 100 years.