Get Out and Explore: Salisbury Zoological Park

Having lived in Salisbury for a number of years, the City Park and Salisbury Zoo were always a favorite for outdoor activities. I spent many hours walking through the park, which has several miles of gravel trails that wander through both park-like settings and more forested areas. You can even connect to a trail that wraps around the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art and Schumaker Pond.

The view from one of several bridges over the South Prong of the Wicomico River.

This is an ideal spot for those looking for amenities. From several playgrounds throughout the park, to public restrooms, grill stands, walking trails, a skate park, mountain biking trails, fishing spots, and parking, the City Park has just about everything you could want.

Just one of several slides at Ben's Red Swings Playground, right outside the Salisbury Zoological Park.

The City Park also happens to be home to the Salisbury Zoological Park (often also referred to as the Salisbury Zoo), which is a fabulous FREE zoo. From Canadian Lynx, to Burrowing Owls, to Flamingos and Wallabies, the zoo has some really great exhibits and there is no entrance fee to get in. They are open every day from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm with a variety of special events and programs. Check out their website for more!

An American Bison eating a healthy snack.
A Green-Winged Macaw posing for the camera.
On my most recent trip to the Zoo, it happened to be feeding time. This gave us the opportunity to see some of the animals that are normally sleeping during the day, including the Canadian Lynx. This mother daughter duo came out for some treats while Zoo staff told us all about the animals, how they came to be at the Zoo, and their personalities. It was really interesting getting to see these animals in action and also hear how they are not so different from my own furbaby (a domestic shorthair cat).
The younger Lynx eagerly awaiting more food from Zoo staff. Momma Lynx is taking a nap elsewhere in the enclosure.

Another highlight at the Zoo are the Spectacled Bears, also known as Andean Bears. The Zoo has a male and female who produced a pair of cubs in January. These cuties are still staying close to mom but were very playful during our visit. If you want to check out these bears, you can even do so without leaving your couch as the Zoo has a bear cam where you can watch live!

My favorite thing about visiting the Salisbury Zoological Park is that it is so relaxed. Because it’s free to get in, you can simply pass through and glance at the animals, or you can really take your time and explore.

Inside the Zoo there are also restrooms, a water fountain, a gift shop, and on the weekends there is a cafe where you can purchase food. In addition, there is free wi-fi inside the Zoo, in case you want to upload your animal photos to social media in real time.

I definitely recommend a visit to the Salisbury Zoo, whether you’ve never been or you haven’t been recently. This was the first time that I’ve been back in a couple of years and there were a few new exhibits and it looks like a few more are on the way. Regardless, this is a great spot to get out and explore!

– Dr. Kristen

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