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Phillips Wharf Environmental Center is committed to a better future for our beloved Chesapeake Bay and its many tributaries.  But we cannot do it alone.  And that’s where you come in. There are many ways to help and support, but it all starts with awareness and education and that’s what we are all about.

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Old Harrisons Oyster House Tilghman MD
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As a private, non-profit organization, Phillips Wharf Environmental Center relies entirely on grants and donations to fund our educational programs, maintain the Fishmobile, sponsor lectures, and support member activities.

Phillips Wharf provides a number of education programs for all ages. Programs range from earlier education about the Chesapeake Bay and its critters (K-Grade2) to Sip & Socialize events featuring guest speakers on the latest Chesapeake Bay environmental topics (Adult Education). Recently, Phillips Wharf has added aquaculture education to ensure a thriving market for Chesapeake Bay Oysters for years to come. Learn more!

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The Fishmobile is a traveling aquarium that brings live Chesapeake Bay animals to people throughout the region. We visit more than 50 elementary and secondary schools every year to teach students about the Bay’s flora and fauna, and learn about what you can do to improve its ecology. In addition, we attend community events and even birthday parties to spread the word. Book a tour today!

Phillips Wharf is the local coordinator for the “Marylanders Grow Oysters” program, the citizen-based oyster restoration program in Maryland.  We serve the Bay Hundred peninsula (Tilghman Island, Sherwood, Wittman, McDaniel, and Claiborne), as well as Bozman and Neavitt. If you are a resident or business and have access to waterfront or a boat slip, you can join the effort to enhance living oyster bars in sanctuaries. Sign up today!

A simple but effective way to contribute to the Bay’s health is to plant native plants and grasses. Phillips Wharf has partnered with the University of Maryland’s Master Gardener Program to design a demonstration “Buffer Garden” based on best practices in native landscapes to reduce pollution from water runoff and encourage healthy habitat on the land and in the Bay. See our “how-to” guide!