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Phillips Wharf Environmental Center is the local coordinator for the Marylanders Grow Oysters program, a state-wide, volunteer-driven oyster restoration program. Our Tilghman Islanders Grow Oysters (TIGO) program includes participants on Tilghman Island, Harris Creek, and Broad Creek, as well as on the waterways of Bozman and Neavitt.

Through this fun, educational program, citizen volunteers tend oysters for their first year of life as they grow in wire mesh cages suspended from piers.

If you own waterfront with a pier--whether it is residential or commercial--or have a boat slip, you can become an oyster farmer. Please volunteer to grow oysters with us.

The oyster spat and cages are provided at no charge, and are distributed by Phillips Wharf to our growers.

The oysters require minimal care–mostly sloshing the cages up and down in the water every week or two. After about 9-10 months, the oysters are collected and planted on a sanctuary bar in Harris Creek, and a new group of spat are distributed to participating growers to start the process again. Growers enjoy the personal rewards of stewardship while improving a local oyster bar.

To date, Phillips Wharf has placed 537 oyster cages with 111 growers on Tilghman Island, Bay Hundred, and Harris and Broad Creek. Our goal is to have cages on every pier on Harris Creek, Broad Creek, and the Bayside!



TIGO Volunteer Renewal Registration Form

To JOIN AS A NEW GROWER please print and complete a

TIGO New Volunteer Registration Form

You may return the forms by:

  • Mail to Phillips Wharf Environmental Center.
  • Email as an attachment to
  • Hand delivering to Phillips Wharf Environmental Center