Individual Sponsorships

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Sponsor a Turtle

It takes roughly $500 to maintain a healthy environment for each turtle throughout the year.  The turtles that call Phillips Wharf home are fed a diet that is closely related to the one that they would be eating in the wild.  As well as a well rounded diet we provide our turtle's tanks with amenities and necessities that they would be used to in their native environments.  Under water grasses, basking areas, and heat lamps transform their tank to a home away from home.

In return for your generous sponsorship you will receive:

  • A certificate with your turtle's name and a picture (Can be customized for children or grandchildren)
  • An information sheet about your turtle (how old, how it came to Phillips Wharf, and some other fun facts)
  • Recognition by the turtle's tank with your name and the date
Sponsor a Turtle

Sponsor an Oyster Set- $2000

Setting 2 million oysters for aquaculture purposes costs about $2000 factoring in the cost of the seed and the overhead needed to "grow out" the oysters to be able to put them in cages in the wild.  Of these 2 million larval oysters 1.5 million of them will survive and grow to a size suitable to be put out on the farm.  Once on the farm each of these oysters has the ability to filter 50 gallons of water per day!  Times that by 1.5 million and you get 75 million gallons of water filtered.   Not only do these oysters filter water and help to create a healthier Bay but the farm attracts local wildlife and provides habitat to animals that would normally use underwater grasses to live, hide, and survive.  Oyster farms allow for wild oyster bars to repopulate and for watermen to continue making a living by harvesting both aquaculture raised and wild caught oysters.  More oysters in the Bay whether it be aquaculture raised or wild grown makes for a healthier waterway.

Sponsor a Set